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What is a Heritage Screener? • What does a Heritage Screener contain? • Why a Heritage Screener? • Methodology • Pricing • Outcomes • Application Service  • Sample

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What is a Heritage Screener?

A Heritage Screener is a summary assessment of all known heritage resources in an area proposed for development. It contains a set of recommendations, detailed maps and all known heritage data relevant to the proposed application.

Heritage Screeners are normally submitted to the relevant heritage authority at the early stages of a development or mining process (NID or BID phase), but can be used at later stages of the development process since they can easily substitute a Scoping Report and can form a starting point for a Heritage Impact Assessment.

Following the submission of a Heritage Screener, the heritage authorities are able to make robust, consistent decisions regarding the requirements, nature and scale of a possible Heritage Impact Assessment.

Heritage Screeners lead to more predictable outcomes for applicants and are specifically designed in line with the statutory requirements of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999).

What does a Heritage Screener contain?
  • An inventory of heritage sites previously identified in the proposed and surrounding area of development or mining.
  • A characterisation of the types of heritage resources likely to be encountered in the proposed development or mining area
  • A breakdown of the level of coverage of the heritage assessments of the area
  • A set of recommendations to the heritage authority, based on whether an impact on heritage resources is anticipated



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Why a Heritage Screener?
  • May replace heritage scoping reports and avoids  unnecessary heritage studies
  • Covers most of the background & preparation work for an HIA
  • Provides all the information for the heritage authorities to stipulate the requirements of an HIA
  • Has a consistent methodology and a very low risk of unexpected outcomes
  • Provides information on all sites already identified in the area of development or mining and therefore allows for better planning at the very early stages of the process
  • 24hr turnover
  • CTS team is always available - we do not do HIAs
  • Does not involve a field survey
  • Fixed price
Shares Data, Improves Decision Making:
  • Aids the heritage authority in deciding what components of a heritage impact assessment (if any) are required
  • Applicants are provided with all the known heritage data in their application area
  • Provides all the background studies used by heritage practitioners when a heritage impact assessment is required
  • Data is extracted and made publicly available on the national heritage management system, SAHRIS
  • Data is not sold
We assesses heritage impact assessments (HIAs) and research previously undertaken in the area of the proposed development and its surroundings in order to extract and map all heritage resources identified. The heritage resources are described in terms of type and significance according to the original assessment.

Possible outcomes
One of three possible recommendations are formulated in a Heritage Screener for the heritage authority: 


  • RED

Understand our formula for recommendations 



Development Price
Development applications triggering ONLY s. 38(1) of the National Heritage Resources Act (no 25 of 1999) R 2000
Development and mining applications triggering s. 38(8) of the National Heritage Resources Act (no 25 of 1999) not larger 1.5 ha R 2000
Development and mining applications triggering s. 38(8) of the National Heritage Resources Act (no 25 of 1999) larger than 1.5 ha R 5000
Development and mining applications (including linear developments) larger than municipal or regional scale Please contact us
Application service
Once the screener is complete, we take care of the following:
a) Creation and submission of the application (case) on SAHRIS to SAHRA, Amafa and the ECPHRA for developments in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu­Natal, Free State, North West, Gauteng, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.
b) Completion of the Notification of Intent to Develop (NID) for applications in the Western Cape that are submitted to Heritage Western Cape.
c) Liaising with the relevant heritage officers until they have formulated their response to the application in writing. CTS will ensure this is done as fast as possible.
d) Providing guidance for contractual processes related to the Scope of Work and hiring of heritage practitioners during the HIA phase when these are requested by the heritage authorities.
e) General administration of inquiries from contracted heritage practitioners related to the data presented in the screeners.
Terms of Delivery
 Standard Heritage Screeners delivered within 24 hours
Custom Heritage Screeners - terms of delivery negotiated with client
Should the delivery deadline not be met, CTS will refund the applicant in full. 


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Sample Heritage Screener 
Click the file to see a sample of a Heritage Screener.
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